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Continued Professional development

Babyem is an accredited training agency, specialising in accredited childcare and maternity nurse training courses for nannies, childminders, maternity nurses and health professionals. Our Maternity Nurse Training Courses are delivered by the UK´s leading Lactation Consultants, Sleep Specialists, Midwives, Health visitors and Therapists, enabling candidates to receive up-to-date information on best practices from trainers with a wealth of practical experience in the field. Babyem also specialises in courses for Ofsted registration.


Babyem will offer a 25% discount on their Online Maternity Nurse training, and a 10% discount on their First Aid training; Common Core Skills training; Gentle Sleep Educator Course; Infant Allergies, Reflux and Colic training; and Tongue Tie and Infant Feeding training. 


Your discount code for the Online Maternity Nurse training is: HAMPTON25 or you can simply use this direct payment link which automatically applies the discount:


You can find out more information about this training here:


Your discount code for their First Aid and Common Core Skills courses is HAMPTON10


You can find out more information about the First Aid course here:


You can find out more information about their Common Core Skills course here:

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NSPCC Learning

All nannies who join our agency are expected to participate in a safeguarding course or hold a safeguarding certificate.

This commitment underscores our priority for the safety and welfare of the children.

Thriving Language


Training courses on offer;

  • Schema patterns of play to support and develop communication skills.

  • Struggling to communicate - SLCN in the early years. 

  • How to support speech sound difficulties in the early years.

  • Talking to babies

  • Language-rich environments

  • The Thriving Language Approach - creating communication connections

  • Communication, speech and language for healthy little minds. 

  • Communication for leadership and teams



DISCLAIMER: The courses listed on this website are provided for informational purposes only.  We do not assume responsibility for the content, quality, or accuracy of these courses. Participation in any course listed is at the discretion and responsibility of the individual. Any reliance on the information provided is at your own risk.

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