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Below is a rough guide to salaries. The amount will differ outside of the home counties and/or according to the hours needed. Another factor to consider is the candidate's experience/qualifications. Amounts are based on an average gross amount.

Candidate Fees

NANNY LIVE-IN                                                                           £17-£20 Gross per hour

NANNY DAILY (LIVE-OUT)                                                           £18-£22  Gross per hour 

AFTER SCHOOL NANNY                                                             £18-£25  Gross per hour

MATERNITY NURSE                                                                     £250-£450 per 24 hours

MOTHERS HELP                                                                           £11-£14 Gross  per hour

Agency Fees

Permanent Nanny (part-time or full-time over, over 8 weeks)

Nursery Practitioners and Montessori teachers

4 weeks of the nanny's Gross Salary

10% of their Gross Annual Salary

For more information please contact us directly and we will be delighted to help.

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