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How can you help your child with their listening and attention skills!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

These activities are recommended for 2.5-5 year olds.

Remember folks that children grow and develop at different rates every - child is different! If you have any concerns about your child's developments please consult a health professional. We can put you in touch with a speech therapist if you wish to explore this option further.

Here are a few ideas to help with those all important listening skills and ways to encourage them. Don't forget, if your child is losing interest or gets frustrated, then I suggest you leave the activity for another day. Don't put any pressure on your child. They may not be ready for the activity just yet!

  1. These skills are learnt through play and used everyday- so please keep it fun!

  2. Lots of repetition.

  3. Keep your language simple.

  4. Give lots of praise.

  5. Do not draw attention to your child's mistakes - repeat the correct words eg. Child says "I see tat". Adult repeats, "Yes that is right, I see a cat".

Games to play:

-Feely Bag: Put different objects into a bag i.e, brush, stone, ball etc. Take turns in pulling an object out and naming it.

-Jigsaw Puzzle: Put the pieces of a simple wooden puzzle in a bag, take turns to pull one out, name it and put it in the puzzle.

-Musical Toys: Hide some musical toys behind your back (drum, shaker, guitar etc.) make the sounds in turn and encourage your child to name the instrument, a bit of help may be need here.

-Bubbles: Take turns blowing bubbles wait for your child to look at you before doing so. You may need to give a gentle reminder.

-Categories: Have a selection of real objects or pictures. Start off by placing one of them in a row at the top. Encourage your child to place each in the correct category whilst naming them.

-Simon Says: Adult and child take turns in giving the commands, "Simon says touch your nose", "Simon says reach up high".

-Sound Lotto: Let your child listen to a CD/online/book of sounds. Name the sound, if your child is ready get him/her to close their eyes when the sound is played and ask them to identify it - this requires a lot of concentration.

-What can you hear? Draw your child's attention to any loud sounds around them i.e, a dog barking, a helicopter, aeroplane, washing machine etc.

-Whispering games: Whisper to your child to fetch you something within your environment, keep repeating.

-Musical statues: Dance to the music, when the music stops, stand still. Repeat.

-Songs/Rhymes: Sing familiar songs repeatedly, pausing so your child can fill in the missing lyric/word.

Have fun!

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