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Chloe's Top Ten Interview Tips

  1. Plan the route and double check that you are clear on where you are going.

  2. Be on time.

  3. Bring a folder containing your documents and references.

  4. Prep in your mind how you might answer questions. Practice before hand.

  5. Preparation is key- read up on the role and ensure you have plenty of information about the family.

  6. Interact with the children.

  7. Think of insightful questions to ask the family.

  8. Be polite, professional and let your personality shine.

  9. Make an effort to look presentable.

  10. Ask the agency for further useful advice.

1. We can't stress enough how important it is that you research where the family home is located. Don't agree to an interview without being aware of how long the journey will take, which bus you need to get, or the route if you are driving. It is always worth asking us before hand, especially if the role is local, if we can advise on any short cuts, or which bus/train you may need to get.

2. It goes without saying that you should always leave time to spare when travelling ,to allow for traffic or transport delays. It does not bode well if you are late to an interview. You do not want to give the family a bad first impression. Employers want to feel confident that you will be there when they have to catch their train in the morning, and again at school pick up!

3. Parent(s) do not always ask to see your documents but it is best to be prepared just in case. They sometimes like to have a quick read through of a reference, or feel re-assured seeing your paediatric first aid certificate.

4. We can offer help with interview questions and techniques. Have a practice at home by getting someone to ask you some questions.

Be prepared.

5. Check that you have lots of information about the role you are being interviewed for. It always looks more professional if you can greet their children by their first names for example.

6. If the children are there then please talk/play/interact with them. It is an ideal opportunity to show the family just how fabulous you are with children. It also gives a further opportunity to ask questions about them. Do what you would normally do, even if thats getting onto the floor and having a play.

7. Parents are always impressed if you have done your homework and ask questions such as "when does -- turn 3" " Are they looking forward to going to -- school"

8. Always be polite and courteous. Ask the family if you should remove your shoes on arrival for example.

Remember to thank the family at the end of the interview also. Turn your mobile phone off!

Be yourself, relax and just talk about your love of children.

9. Please don't attend your interview with wet hair or a huge ladder in your tights. Make an effort to look presentable, clean and tidy.

10. We can advise further on interview tips and even help you practice. Just ask!


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