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"Creating a Strong Foundation: Nanny Elizabeth's Guide to Building Trust with Parents"

Elizabeth will prioritise open and transparent communication with the families she works for right from the beginning. She provides multiple channels for parents, whether through phone calls, texts, a whatsapp group, face to face daily chats, or even emails. This encourages parents to share any questions, concerns, and feedback openly, thus creating support and a cohesive unit. Which is ultimately what we all want.

Through regular updates Elizabeth keeps parents informed about their child's daily activities, milestones and accomplishments.

By sending daily photos or anecdotes, parents gain peace of mind and feel connected to their child's experiences during the day/week.

Elizabeth actively involves parents in their little ones development journey. She respects the diverse parenting styles, beliefs and values of the families she works for. By taking time to listen to any preferences regarding nutrition, parenting methods and other aspects of childcare, she will ensure that their wishes are respected and incorporated into the daily routine.

By maintaining a high level of transparency, Elizabeth finds this builds trust and confidence amongst the family unit. Through her honest and upfront approach she demonstrates reliability and integrity.

Elizabeth actively seeks feedback so between them everyone remains on the 'same page' in terms of parenting methods. This continuity fosters a stable environment, helping the children in her care feel secure and confident.

A strong relationship between Elizabeth and the family means the little one is cared for by a familiar person who understands their needs, preferences and routines.

Overall, building trust with parents is an ongoing process that requires dedication, communication and a genuine commitment to the well-being of the children in a nanny's care.

By creating strong relationships based on mutual respect, transparency with open communications, parents feel confident and reassured that their child is in safe hands.

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